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Each Christmas at Journey, we have sought to be a blessing to others around the world while building the Kingdom in tangible and meaningful ways.

Over the years, we have purchased gifts for families in need, provided basic living necessities to those moving from a life on the streets to a self functioning life in a new home, we have built clean water wells for villages in the 10/40 window, helped to train indigenous church planters in sensitive parts of the world, and the list goes on.

This year in the midst of your Christmas shopping, wrapping, and party-going, we would like to encourage you to join us in 2 wonderful opportunities to change the world. One opportunity to help a young family in a vulnerable season in life and another opportunity to change an entire nation.

1. Fund a Mobile Seminary in a very sensitive part of the world. – $6,000

For the last couple of years, we have helped to start a mobile seminary in very sensitive part of the 10/40 window. What began as 2 teachers have grown to 4. Over 150 indigenous students are in the process of growing in their knowledge of scripture and in their knowledge of following Jesus. Once they complete their training, they will go into their own villages and towns to help plant new churches so that the gospel can spread throughout their nation. God is continuing to bless their efforts and the cost to fund much of their ministry for an entire year is only $6,000 dollars.

2. Provide Christmas for 1 new young family at Room in the Inn. – $300

Room in the Inn is one of our favorite ministries in Chattanooga. They are one of the only shelters in our city that allows homeless women and homeless mothers with their children, to escape life on the streets. In addition to housing, residents are provided with training to be able to secure a job and learn the life skills to get back on their feet. Once they are working and can support themselves again, they are launched from the program to be self-functioning. We just received a request for a brand new family to the program, a mother and her 2 young children, ages 6 & 9. They each were able to fill out a list for needed clothing plus a few personal requests. Because of the tight timeframe to provide gifts for them, we have already purchased all the items for this family of 3, including shoes, clothing, books, and toys which will be on display this Sunday at Journey. The total cost to provide for their immediate needs is $300. This is a great opportunity to take on as a family or a group of friends.

Each of these needs can easily be met by the generosity that we have continuously witnessed at Journey. If you would like to give, you can visit our online giving page at Please email if you want your online gift to go to one of these great opportunities. You can also give over the next 2 Sundays at Journey by writing a check and writing the ministry you would like to support in the memo portion of your check, or grab an offering envelope and write it on the envelope.

Thank you for your continued support of missions around the world with Journey!

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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