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This Christmas season, we will sing songs about peace on earth and good will toward others. We will celebrate the opportunity for peace through Christ and His great promise to leave His peace with us.

In 2018, though, we live in a world that is anything but peaceful.

Anxiety is on the rise in the world and in the church.
Our nation is divided between parties that increasingly hate each other.
Long standing prejudices appear to be growing again.
A migrant caravan of immigrants is in a standoff with law enforcement at the border.
Divorce appears to be in decline, but is that just because fewer people want to get married.

There is uncertainty in the economy…
Uncertainty in our jobs…
Uncertainty in our relationships with people that are different from us…
Uncertainty in God and His church…
Uncertainty deep in our own hearts as we search for answers about our purpose…


Jesus is still promising peace.
Jesus is still on the thrown.
Jesus is still coming back.
Jesus is still preparing a place for us eternally.
Jesus is still the PRINCE OF PEACE!

And Jesus is still offering us His peace.

This Christmas season, we are in a search for peace on earth.
What is it?
How do we get it?
How do we have peace with others?
How do migrants find peace?
How do we offer peace as an extension of our faith?
How can peace overcome our worries, our fears, and our anxieties?

Join us for a special Advent Sermon Series as we seek the Prince of Peace, together!

Pastor Mark

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