April 26, 2018

We are all becoming something

We are all becoming something. Hopefully, we know what we are moving towards, becoming... a better person (whatever our definition of 'better' is)... a more…
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March 16, 2018

The ‘Next’ 10 years

As I type this and think about the last 10 years of our family's life, I can hardly believe that Journey is 10 years old,…
October 25, 2017


The late author and lecturer Phyllis Tickle supposed that the church goes through a "rummage sale" every 500 years or so and throws out the…


August 27, 2020

Love. Walk. Do.

The prophet Micah leaved in a very tumultuous time. The nation of Israel had split into the Northern and Southern Kingdom after the death of…
August 7, 2020

You were meant to change the world!

You were meant to change the world. Yes, you. Read that again. You were meant to change the world. Not survive it. Not endure it.…
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August 1, 2020

It’s time for the Church to rise up.

It's time for the Church to rise up. Rise up against/for what you might ask? Rise up against racism? Rise up against or for masks?…
June 12, 2020

What do you see?

It's all about perspective, really. How you see the world will determine how you interact with it and with people. If you believe people are…
June 5, 2020

For Righteousness Sake

Last Sunday, we took somewhat of a turn in our study of the Beatitudes. We moved from the characteristics that we will generally begin to…
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May 28, 2020

It happened again!

It happened again. Just 3 weeks ago we spoke as a congregation about the injustice of 2 white men who felt empowered to chase down…
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May 22, 2020

Getting Creative

Well, it's official. This weekend, we will have more online worship services in 2020 than we have had in person. Wow. I've noticed that we…
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May 8, 2020

Where do we go from here?

Well, the 2 week quarantine to "flatten the curve" has now turned in to 7 weeks of waiting for everything to open or for the…
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February 19, 2020

Lent – Ash Wednesday

We have celebrated Advent every year that Journey has been a church. It is the joyful 4 weeks before Christmas as we anticipate and prepare…
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February 5, 2020

Let Freedom Ring!

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered one of the most moving speeches in modern times in front of the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. As…
January 22, 2020

Word. The Word.

I hope that you’re engaging once again in the teaching series that we currently have going at Journey in the book of Genesis. It’s all…
January 15, 2020

In His Image

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27 (ESV)…