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One of the things I have noticed about wearing a mask for the last few months is how fresh the air is when you walk outside and take it off. I don’t know if that just means I have really bad breath or not, but it is tangibly noticeable to me every single time.

Last Sunday was like taking my mask off after being inside with one for hours. Seeing old and new friends walk in the door and spending time with each other was like a huge breath of fresh air. When I jumped on the Facebook Live feed and saw all of the comments of those excited to rejoin us after their 2nd vaccination shot, I just felt elated.

The reality is, I have missed everyone that calls Journey their church family because that’s really what you are to me…family.

Fast forward to Wednesday night and we had an absolute blast with students and parents that braved the weather to hang out and have fun in the new youth suite. Again, such a breath of fresh air!

This weekend, we are going to see more new and old faces joining us to lead and participate in worship on Sunday morning and I’m really looking forward to picking back up our college small group.

As much as I lean towards being an introvert, this pandemic has changed me. These last few weeks of online only has been burdensome. I can only imagine who those of you who are the life of the party feel!

We are still in a transitional period since Covid hasn’t disappeared, yet, but my hope is that we will continue to rebuild relationships with old friends while creating new friendships along the way. I hope you will choose to join us whenever you are able as you feel safe. Your presence is tangibly felt. Your smile changes the environment in the room. Being in community has always been a breath of fresh air for me, but it seems so much sweeter right now.

Make sure you stay up to date with all things Journey in the coming weeks. As long as Covid numbers continue to decline or stay low, we have several things to be excited about!

Pastor Mark

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