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Genesis, the first book of the Old Testament, can be broken down into 2 primary components…the story of creation, the fall and redemption (chapters 1-11) and God’s calling and work through Abraham (the rest of the book).

Starting this Sunday, we will be focusing on the first 11 chapters because it is rich with the story that God will tell through the end of Revelation.

You see, the events of those first 11 chapters are very similar to the events of our own lives.

It begins with a picture of beauty and peace, a time walking with God and knowing the perfection of the garden. It QUICKLY moves to a place of destruction and darkness that permeates all of creation and our own relationships with each other and with God.

But God doesn’t leave us there. God continues to work in us, to call us and to redeem us. This story will be told in many ways from the “first” day to today and there is much that we can learn from it.

Our goal for this series is not to present a scientific timeline of creation, but to understand the bigger story that God is telling us. It wasn’t just for them, it is for us, too.

I hope you will join us for this new interactive series as we explore the first 11 chapters of Genesis together. Similar to our series through the Epistles of John, I will be asking you to read and prepare yourself each week to discuss, ask questions and respond to what God is telling our faith community.

This is not just a time for you to learn and discover, it is a time for all of us to lean and discover through each other. If Jesus is to be believed, everyone with the Holy Spirit is given an supernatural relationship to help us understand and utilize God’s word.

To prepare yourself for this weekend, please read through Genesis 1, even if you have read it a thousand times.

I’m excited to see what God is going to do through us as we enter a new year and a new decade.

Pastor Mark

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