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The prophet Micah leaved in a very tumultuous time. The nation of Israel had split into the Northern and Southern Kingdom after the death of King Solomon and both kingdoms had their share of “good” and “bad” kings. The people were suffering and in a few short years, Israel would be wiped off the face of the map with only Judah remaining.

Israelites were abandoning God in droves while being led to accept the values of their surrounding cultures or outright paganism as Kings did the same.

It was a hard time but Micah was a voice for God in the midst of struggle and great unrest. His writings focused on caring for the poor and speaking against unjust leaders while seeking the peace and joy of following godly principles and leadership.

Many who were remaining faithful had so devoted themselves to the “practice” of their faith that they had forgotten how much God loved them and what he really wanted for and from them.

Sacrifices had become the driving force of every religious act but that was not what God was primarily looking for. In his most notable statement in the book of Micah, God clears up what he is really looking for, to…

Do Justice.
Love Mercy.
Walk humbly with your God.

Almost 3,000 years later, that hasn’t changed. Much has, but not God’s intention for us and we have to get back to it.

I don’t know about you, but I feel that we are in a similar time as Micah.
We are greatly divided.
There is great suffering, injustice and fear.
Many of our leaders are corrupt.
Many are abandoning their faith.
Many who are still practicing their religion have missed the point that God always wanted us to get.

I hope you’ll join us for a new sermon series beginning this Sunday and that we will begin to write a new story as our world (and the church) is rapidly changing around us.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever and so is his hope for us.

Love. Walk. Do.

Pastor Mark

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