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I have a recurring nightmare.
I have for years.
I’m not proud of it.

It’s usually a flashback to college at the end of a semester and I am in an outright panic.
It’s a dream, so it’s never perfectly clear, but I have just remembered that I was signed up for a class that I didn’t attend.
Not one time…

Like dreams go, I’m feeling everything but not thinking rationally. Maybe, I can just show up for the final…that I haven’t studied for…or been in a single class for…and pull out a B-.

One of the last things that I remember is walking into the class with my head spinning, heart racing, and stress exploding.
That’s usually when I wake up just enough to remember…
Your’e no longer in college…you’re an idiot…
Go back to sleep.

To be honest, this never really happened. I never forgot that I was registered in a class.
I did, however, miss way too many lectures in more than one class only to panic when the exam came up. That is the seed of my recurring dream.
I’m responsible for it.

Had I taken those classes more seriously, I would have been more than prepared without those nagging dreams to haunt me for years. Who knows what I would have gained from all of those lectures I “may or may not have” slept through.

The truth is, many of us treat God’s Word that way I treated my Astronomy Class. We don’t take the time to read and to immerse ourselves in it’s truths.

Thought we may not have an exam scheduled, how many lessons have we missed that could have saved our hides from poor decisions.
Could we have handled that relationship differently…
Would my opinions have changed…
Is it possible that I would be able to actually SEE God at work?

There are many things in life that we can skimp on but as Christians, knowing God’s Word isn’t one of them.

Don’t be caught in your own nightmare. Choose to be informed. Choose to live wisely.
The Bible is God choosing to speak directly to us.

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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