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Today is “Good Friday”. It is the day that we remember the good that Jesus did for us as He took our lashes and our judgement.

It is the day that He declared “It is finished!”

Easter is a very special time of the year for us but we should not be so quick to celebrate on Sunday if we haven’t taken the time to consider the gravity of what Jesus did on Friday.

Today, the church will be open for you to come and experience a multisensory experiential worship event called “Stations of the Cross” between 11am – 1pm or 4pm – 7pm. It is a self-guided opportunity to remember this day in a special way, through sights, sounds, smells, readings, reflections and actions. In all, you will visit 12 stations that will remind us of the weight of our sin, the impact of that day, and the beauty of Christ’s gift for us.

In all, the event will likely take you approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on how long you would like to spend at each station.

During the final station, you will have an opportunity to take communion quietly in our auditorium and simple pray, be still, or move on with your day.

Throughout the event, you can participate quietly and alone, or you are welcome to bring friends or family. A few volunteers will also be spread around the church if you have questions or would like someone to pray with you.

I encourage you to take time to make this Easter a special time to experience the peace and presence of Christ.

Pastor Mark

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