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With Thanksgiving next week, I see a lot of thankful and blessed posts on social media, and that’s cool. However, it’s easy to be thankful for the easy/nice things. It’s harder to be thankful for things in time of trials and turbulence. It’s hard to say thank you, when in the midst of hurt and pain. Can we see that? More often than not…no.

How can we be thankful in the midst of financial burden? Not knowing if you can afford basic things week to week. How can we be thankful when we’re being put down at home or work? How can we be thankful when we just lost a loved one?

Honestly, there isn’t one right answer. Yes we give it all to God. Yes, we need to see His hands in it. Is that easy? No. Can we just do it, and do it on our own? No!

So many of us think that if we’re crying out for an answer, God will answer and if we don’t hear an answer…well something’s wrong with us. We are quick to close ourselves off from others, quick to hide what is “wrong” with us.

God does always provide the answers. However, He made us each beautifully unique and He made us to be with each other…not alone. So when you’re hiding yourself, for whatever reason you have, you’re closing the door to a possible answer He has through the community you need.

When you are struggling with seeing His love, plan, and happiness for you, stop and look for the door that’s open…and WALK THROUGH IT! I have had an amazing opportunity to be a part of some friends’ struggles, as of late. I was able to be a support from my own struggles. I was able to show God’s care and protection through a simple act. And as I have been struggling recently with my own battles, I was able to see through them. I was reminded of what I was shutting the door to.

So in this time of Thankfulness, if you aren’t struggling to be thankful, I encourage you to be open to others around you and see what God is wanting you to do/say to make it a thankful season for everyone. You might not be thankful for everything going on in your life, but there is always something to be thankful for, even if its something small.

Stephanie Eskridge

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