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Jesus came to be among us.
To be among us.
To rescue us.
And it began in a hidden barn.

You probably already know the Christmas story. But some of the central characters are rarely talked about. Their stories are important and so is yours.

The story of Jesus is much bigger than just a baby in a stall. It’s more important than a star. It’s more important than angels proclaiming His coming.

The story of Jesus is one of rescue, of courage, of sacrifice, striving against oppression, of salvation to a people that didn’t deserve to be saved.

Along this story, lie the lives of people that would set the stage. Their lives were messy, chaotic and world changing. Today, many of these people would be just as overlooked as they were way back then.

Jesus wanted their stories to be told because their stories mattered and so does yours.

We will worship and celebrate a beloved holiday over the next 4 weeks. We will have parties, eat way too much, give wonderful gifts and remember the gift of our Savior.

But, let’s be careful not to forget these stories…or our own.

As you spend time celebrating this Christmas, ask yourself…what kind of story will your life tell?

I am looking forward to worshiping with you!

Pastor Mark

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