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This week marks a new chapter for Journey’s physical location. I was absolutely astonished at the sheer number of people that helped us move out in amazing 4 hours!
4 Hours….
Let that sink in…

The amount of excitement that we see in so many faces, tempered with some sadness over fond memories is, quite honestly, good for my soul.

This week has been a flurry of contractors and volunteers molding this space into something that can be used to change lives all around us.

The truth is, we need everyone to make the page on this new chapter turn successfully.
Everyone to lend a hand…
Everyone to invite a friend…
Everyone to choose to invest what you have into the lives of others.

It’s an exciting new chapter and a scary one, too.
Will it work?
Can we reach into the surrounding communities?
Was it a mistake?

For me, I believe God has been the author of this transition and He has called us to step out into a new community to reach those He loves. With so many churches in our county, this area has very few. For so many occupying such a small amount of space, the number of believers that are willing to walk through life with them is surprisingly small in the immediate area.

I am very excited about this new chapter and I hope you are, too.
I’m excited about partnering with the churches that are close.
I’m excited about working with Red Bank Schools in whatever capacity we can.
I’m excited about new relationships with those that call this place home.
I’m excited for what God is going to do in our own lives as we continue to follow His hand.

We start this new chapter this Sunday. I hope you will join us!

Mark Love
Lead Pastor

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